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Getting around photo locations in Barbados

If you use the overview map you can see exactly where all the photos on this site have been taken.  As you can see on this site a lot of the photography locations and scenic views in Barbados are quite spread out.

There are various ways to get around in Barbados when visting, taxis (can be expensive), buses and 'ZR's (may not go exactly where you want them to!) and of course, rental cars in Barbados.

If looking to take scenic photos around Barbados you really will need your own car. Plan your route in advance and add plenty of contingency time - traffic can build up very quickly and move very slowly in the West and South. If heading to the North and the East traffic will be lighter and that rugged side of the island will mean a little more freedom of movement - however, fill up with gas as you may find gas stations a little more spread out on that side!